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Chapter 4
grace_poppy wrote in bolitho_and_i
We can't go on like this.  I'm a trained captain, reduced to the status of a bum.  Look at us!  Nothing that reasonable officers of the navy demand as their rights.  No stewards, no sweethearts, no silver dining service.

What happened to your prizes?

That's what I want to know.  What happened to my prizes?  What happened to my prize agent?  Blackguard must have died.

November.  It's a bad patch.

Rubbish.  I haven't seen Nelson queuing up at the admiralty.  Look at this.  "Nelson Victorious Again."  Why doesn't he retire?

There's something coming! 

What is it?

A shell!

A shell?  Where's it coming from?  Shoot it!

No, no, I don't wanna touch it!

You must.  You must.  It will explode and destroy us all.  Use a pistol!

No, no, give me the gloves.

That's right.  Put on the gloves.  Do not attempt anything without the gloves.

Don't come, don't look.  I'm dealing with it.

I think we've been at sea for too long.  I feel unusual.  I think we should go ashore.

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Hee! The gloves made me laugh. XD

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