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Chapter 1
grace_poppy wrote in bolitho_and_i

Thirteen million seamen have to wake up to this, and floggings and hard tack and death!  And I'm stuck in this bloody ship and I can't cope with Bolitho!  I must be out of my mind.  I must go below at once and discuss his problems in depth.

I have some extremely distressing news.  We've just run out of wine.

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*is immediately distracted by Archie and cannot pay attention to what is happening*

Well that was his sole cameo appearance, I'm afraid...

Then I should be able to follow the rest of the plot! ;)

:D Not that there will be much plot...

*chokes on breakfast*

*performs the Heimlich Manoeuvre*


I think you're one of the few people who will be able to fully appreciate the madness here.

(PS - I hope your breakfast wasn't a runny egg sandwich. It's obscenely wrong that as I was screencapping for this express purpose, I burst out laughing when Archie spit out that blood.)

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I like this, I think. :D

*falls off chair from laugher*

And this is only the first part! I think you'll probably kill me with LOLZ by the time it's all over...

Oh and BTW, if you want any extra Jack-as-Bolitho manips to use, just give me a shout. I've always got a few lying around. ;)


Hmm, I may take you up on that offer! Or I will more likely probably just be lazy and throw some half-arsed manips together myself to surprise you.

Heh, that would be fine too! I quite like the ones you've already done. :)

Hee, thanks! I'm being very lazy about them, but meh.

MAN Paul McGann is handsome...

Hee hee, well I like 'em anyway!

He is indeed. No arguments there. I'm ready to start pinching myself because I can't believe I'm going to actually see his handsomeness IN PERSON in less than a month now...

So exciting!!! And you'll get to eat with him too, right? Dreamy!

Yes! Though I don't know how much food I'll actually be eating at the brunch, considering how nervous I'll probably be. (At least I won't be at the same table as him. The people who bought the most expensive tickets get to do that, but I wouldn't have wanted to do that anyway. It'll be hard enough just being in the same room!)

I THINK, though it may be a false memory, I heard that at the last con there (2004 maybe?) he took some extra bacon off of a fan's plate. Apparently she couldn't eat much either. I seem to remember hearing stories of him saying "Do you want that?" XD I THINK I may have even heard stories that he wandered around to other tables, and maybe even had drinks in the hotel bar with people he ran into. He sounds like a really nice guy. You should give him a hug. Even if you're shy. He's never going to see or remember you after this, so you should just be bold and demand a hug. (You could always say "I mean to have you - even if it must be burglary!")

*snerk* I haven't heard about the bacon incident (though I could see him doing that!) but I did hear that he wandered around to other tables afterward, so you did remember that one for certain! I must admit I kind of hope he does do that, even though I'll be terribly nervous. I keep joking that he'll wander around like Mickey Mouse does at Disney World character breakfasts. XD (I've been to Disney World many times, and we usually go to a character breakfast when we're there and that's basically what goes on--Mickey, Goofy, et. al. come around to the tables while people are eating.) And yes, I also heard about him having drinks in the bar with fans. I believe that happened on the night before the con opened--right after he arrived at the hotel. So I was actually planning to go scope out the bar on Thanksgiving night and see if he might be there. There's an opening night party with the guests that evening, though only the high-level ticket holders get to go, but obviously Paul will be there that night. I'm thinking he might want a drink after such a long flight--and a bit of a drive from the airport too, since the hotel is out in the suburbs instead of Chicago proper--so my guess is he'll be at the bar sometime that evening. ;) And yes, he does sound extememly nice. If the situation presents itself for me to hug him, I'll defintely give it a go. Heck, I'm actually going to be giving him a (slightly-belated) 50th birthday card, so I might as well go for a hug too. (I don't think I'll be saying THAT though, despite the fact it would be hilarious.)

Maybe you should tell him you'll give him his card IF he gives you a hug.

Wow, you've got it all worked out! Do you know yet what drink he's going to order? :D

Hee hee, now there's a thought...

Well, considering I've been planning for the con for 8 months now, I've had plenty of time to think about it all. ;) And as for his drink, someone reported that last time he had Jack Daniels and Coke, so maybe he'll have that again.

Heehee, I don't know why I find that giggly, but I do. XD

Paul: Yes, bartender, I'll have a--
Paul: Um... yes... Thank you, ladies... *pretends to enjoy his drink and secretly pours it into the plants*
Paul: *whispers to bartender* Could I have a new glass, please?

*sporfle* XD

Well if I actually do see him in the bar, I'll be sure to report back on what drink he had.

PS - Are you in the McGann library? They'll probably have an organized meetup of some sort, which would be fun, even if you don't know the people well. Any group of people gathered to meet and squee over their shared Objet de Gush should be a fun crowd.

No, I still haven't joined the Library. But from what I've seen over there, they are planning on having a meet-up at the con. And yes, you have a good point. I'll probably end up seeing some of them anyway since I can't imagine that this con will be a huge affair (though I could be wrong about that...) I'm just not entirely sure I want to formally meet up with a group of strangers, even if we do all have a shared obsession. (I must admit to being very, very shy when it comes to meeting new people in person.)

Yeah, I know what you mean. Are you going with any friends or family? But maybe the Librarians will make themselves known and you can meet them there for the first time - or hide if they seem scary! :D Though I doubt that. I've read about their meet-ups, and they sound like soooo much fun.

Yes, my mom's going with me because she shares my love of Paul. So I'm not really in need of finding like-minded Paul obsessees since I'm bringing one along. :) But who knows? Maybe we'll end up meeting the Librarians anyway.

Oh, that's very good, that you're bringing along an existing fan as a squeeing partner. Squeeing is best when shared. :D

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