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Welcome aboard!
grace_poppy wrote in bolitho_and_i
Welcome to bolitho_and_i , a new adventure from the creators of xmas_surprise , starring Jack Davenport as Bolitho and Paul McGann as I!  I've never read a Bolitho book, but I  hope the fans will forgive me.  It's going to be a choppy ride, so get in the back of the boat!

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I've never read a Bolitho book

Neither have I, but I'm sure this'll be fun!

Have you at least seen Withnail and I? :D

...*shifty eyes* I somehow never get around to it.

You should watch it right now. Before you get confused by the wrong version (this one). Best movie ever. One of them, anyway.

I haven't read one either... I managed one half way though :) I recommend people try the books, it was just too dry for me but that's just me..
and need to rewatch Withnail and I!

Wonder what you come up with... ;)

The Withnail and I factor is anything but dry. It's cake soaked in booze.

Now I KNOW I should've uploaded that 'debauched sloth' icon.

Cake + booze = "Jack! You have debauched my sloth!" (For real!)

And if you like debauched sloths, you might enjoy seeing how two young men get deboched with the same cake and booze combination. The results are enjoyable, for the viewer at least.

I've read several Bolitho books, but never seen Withnail And I.

I'm just squeeing that we get something more from the creators of xmas_surprise. :D

We have got to remedy that. It's fantabulous.


Oh dear Lord, what have I wrought??

Hee hee, just teasing. I can't wait to see what you're going to do with this. :D

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